About Atul

I am an Emergency Physician from Ottawa, Ontario.

I was drawn to emergency medicine in my first year of medical school. For me, it was the variety of the cases that came in and the idea that you could make a real difference in an unpredictable situation. The emergency department is where a lot of the time sensitive issues happen – making the diagnosis and then moving on to the critical interventions to improve the patient’s condition. That description fits well with who I am. I am tenacious and determined and I thrive with a little bit of unpredictability.

People often ask me why I want to run for CMA president-elect. Even though the medicine part of emergency medicine continues to be fulfilling, the impact of influencing policy was crystallized one day while we were advocating for smoke-free bars and restaurants in Ottawa. One of my colleagues told City Council, “you can save more lives with one vote then I can in a week in my office seeing patients.” To me, that moment summarized the power of working at a policy and systems level, and inspired me to take my passion for helping patients beyond the hospital.

With every organization I am involved in, I see a common theme in them of promoting equality and countering injustice. This is reflected in the many organizations I regularly donate my time to. I react strongly when I see people being intimidated or bullied. This is why I believe in participating in organizations like the CMA. We can always achieve more working together. Communities are incredibly powerful change makers.

Outside of the hospital, I enjoy spending time with friends and recharging by relaxing at home and with family. I enjoy reading, travelling and am always eagerly looking forward to my next trip to somewhere that I have never been before. Above all, I value honesty and integrity – and that will be my guiding light as president of the CMA and beyond.