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About Us

The Condo Connection is a reference and referral website created for investors by investors.

It is no secret that Toronto has become one of the hottest real estate markets in the world.  As such, many investors are looking at Toronto Real Estate as a safe and profitable option for growing their net worth.

The Condo Connection recognizes a need for providing real estate investors with helpful information that informs and supports new buyers interested in purchasing a condominium so they too can realize the potential of earning profits in a growing market. In addition, we connect novice investors with the most knowledgeable and reputable brokers in the city to ensure they receive the best guidance and return for their investment.

What makes us different from other Condo Marketing Firms?

The Condo Connection works in close partnership with The Condo Store (TCS) whose key strengths lie in understanding the significance of ‘Volume Investment Pricing’™ which is the key in buying low and selling high in any market. The Condo Store takes great pride and effort in combining local talent with the World’s best developers to create both impressive and functional real estate opportunities that are reflective of clients goals: location, value and profitability.

As of November 2013, TCS has been involved with the sales and marketing of over $11.3 Billion of pre-construction and finished condominiums in some of Toronto’s most significant condominium projects. TCS takes great pride in being involved in the sale of tens of thousands of condominium units in Canada and Internationally.

TCS’s highly trained experts offer unprecedented access, award-winning service, and attention to detail. At TCS it’s all about teamwork and vast market knowledge. We have a terrific team to back you up and support you along the way to overcome these obstacles and offer Full Real Estate Brokerage Services, Turn-Key Property Management and In-House Mortgage/Finance Management.

Read some of the success stories posted on our website and see how The Condo  Connection in partnership with The Condo Store have assisted many investors in making the right real estate investment choices and register today to learn more and be sure to tell a friend too for a chance to win an Ipad!