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We know new investors naturally have a lot of questions.

How do I make money in the Toronto condo market?

What kind of return will I see on my investment both in the short term and long term?

How much money can I potentially make and how much do I need to get started?

What investment opportunities does The Condo Connection offer?

How is The Condo Connection different from other condo sales and marketing companies AND the thousands of brokers that advertise they have VIP privileges?

Do I need brokerage representation when I buy a condo with the assistance of The Condo Connection?

Can you help me obtain a mortgage?

What are the Advantages of buying a New Home at the pre-construction stage?

What is an Interim Occupancy Date?

What is the benefit of the developer extending the Occupancy Date?

What Happens at Interim Occupancy?

What is a pre-delivery inspection?

Should I Buy Extra Parking or Locker Units for an investment property?

Do I Get to Select My Own Colours and Finishes?

Sign up with the Condo Connection today and we’ll ensure all of your questions are answered.