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Success Stories

Morris H., Doctor

Initial Investment
Return on Investment

"I've studied and read a couple of books in real estate investing, but affording one was nearly impossible for me. I couldn’t afford the large deposits, but Condo Connection helped me with this problem. They were offering me a greatopportunity to buy my first condo with a low deposit structure and great savings on this additional costs such as interim occupancy payments. I am now able to put what I’ve learned in real estate into practice. I’m working on buying my second investment property now and the team at the Condo Connection has been more than helpful through this process."

Mary M., Teacher

Initial Investment
Return on Investment

"I already owned three condo investment properties before I was introduced to Condo Connection. I wanted to buy more, but my money was tied up and the bank wouldn’t lend me anymore. I went to Condo Connection with my problem and they had a solution for me. With their network and expertise, I was able to sell one of my properties and buy two more pre-constructio condos and put the profits into my other mortgages to lower my monthly cost. I now have a greater knowledge of how to diversify my real estate portfolio and be able to buy more properties with limited financial constraints."

Sam A., Entrepreneur

Initial Investment
Return on Investment

"Real Estate investing has always been something that has interested me. I first started investing about 40 years ago. Over this time, I've had some really great experiences that have lead to much success. In 2003, I was introduced to The Condo Store via a mutual friend. I felt very comfortable purchasing, especially considering the lowered deposit amounts and having the ability to assign my units or rent them. I have since than, purchased several units in which I have kept or sold. The Condo Store helps me with all of my real estate needs from the time of signing the paperwork until the unit has been completed.”

Patrick D., Surgeon

Initial Investment
Return on Investment

"Walking into The Condo Store back in 2004 was the best financial decision I have ever made. Before TCS, I invested majority of my disposable income in mutual funds and stocks with nothing to show. My friend told me about TCS and how he’s building wealth through condos. I decided to buy one and after five years, I’ve built equity and have been receiving positive cash flow through my tenants. I never thought I would be a landlord at this age and building wealth through condos! The professionalism and knowledge from The Condo Store has made this possible for me. "

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