Letter of Intent

Dear colleagues,

I respectfully ask for your support as Ontario’s nominee for President-Elect of the Canadian Medical Association.

Together, we can work for a CMA that is a dedicated, powerful voice for Canadian doctors, advocating for solutions that support the needs of physicians and serve our patients.

As an emergency physician in Ottawa for over 20 years, I have experienced the evolving challenges in providing care to our patients. I believe what I see in the ED reflects the realities of today’s practice: older patients with chronic diseases, unequal access to services, and lack of coordinated strategies for improvement. I have also experienced firsthand how both provincial and federal governments have tried to marginalize and dismiss the voice of physicians. If you nominate me as your CMA President-Elect, I will work tirelessly on your behalf to make our profession’s voice heard and to bring our issues to the forefront.

While times are difficult for the profession, I have never been more inspired by the dedication of my colleagues to our patients. When I started working with the CMA in 1995, my goal was to make it easier for doctors to care for their patients. That goal has guided me in all my activities at both the provincial and federal levels over the years, and that is still what drives me today.

With this unwavering conviction, my experience, and your support as CMA president, I will focus on improving the CMA’s ability to advocate for physicians, our patients and the system itself.

Strengthening the connection between CMA and the members

I know the importance of members being able to see themselves reflected in their association. The CMA needs to deliver on a platform that directly connects to physicians’ work and lives. I want to deliver new and improved communications platforms and clinically relevant tools that make it easier to do our jobs and, by doing so, enhance the CMA’s ability to be a strong advocate for ourselves and our patients.

Be the clear advocate for physicians, including students and residents

As physicians, we are all patient advocates, but we also need a CMA that recognizes the challenges facing the profession and uses its unique position to respond. Doctors are facing unprecedented demands, leading to stress and burnout at levels we haven’t seen before. The CMA has to support our members and prevent intimidation of our colleagues, including students and residents. If you elect me, I will use the office to lobby the government on important issues like physician incorporation and the need for a physician human resources strategy.

Speak out for the needs of our patients and the healthcare system

Many of the frustrations of Canada’s patients stem from navigating the hurdles of an overburdened and unwieldy “system” that is not intuitive. Many of these issues are under the control of the provinces, but we know from other countries that there are some issues that are best tackled at the national level. The CMA has an important role to play in continuing to promote a robust senior’s strategy and encouraging a thoughtful review of issues like access to drugs and a national Pharmacare plan.